For Swiss Group, technology is an important part as the business grows. Technology changes the way we work, changes the way the business operates by transforming and creating relationships. Our business is time critical to deliver maximum value to our customers.



Using Cordic and its modern taxi despatch system cPAQ, Swiss Group is able to use the latest technology in wireless communication (GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth). It is specifically designed to provide the private hire and limousine industries with an automatic, rapid and cost effective means of transferring the customer’s request from the operator to the most appropriate vehicle, cPAQ optimises in delivering customer service to the highest level without compromising on cost.

Satellite Navigation

All Swiss Group vehicles are fitted with bespoke state of the art systems; through innovative satellite navigation we are able to see the exact location of each of our drivers and transform the way we work. This world-class system allows us to automatically allocate the nearest drivers to the pick up address. We are able to see the exact location and distance from destination on real-time maps. Customers also have the option to see this by accessing our website.

Text message (SMS)

To make it more convenient and as a great safety feature, we have introduced a text message service that will be sent to our customers when the driver arrives. The text message will contain the car registration, make and model of the vehicle, and driver’s name for greater security.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Time is of the essence and Swiss Group understands that, Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that allows a computer to detect voice and keypad inputs. Become one of our regular customers and you can book without needing to speak to an operator. Customers can also check on the progress of their booked vehicle.

  • Seamless one key press technology to accept a booking, or choose to talk to an operator
  • Caller’s number is recognised, and offered an immediate collection
  • High quality natural sounding text to speech engine
  • Unrecognised callers go straight to the operator
Google Glass

Swiss Group has become the first and only private hire firm to integrate the prototype of the Google Smart Glass with the firms operating system and telephone operators. It has  proved to be an “eye-opening experience”.

It was sort of a lightning strike eureka moment, after seeing Glass first-hand, Swiss Group realised it could serve as a powerful tool to improve our service.

Our operators can quickly pull up electronic data such as flight times/traffic congestion data on Google Glass during a booking and update callers to any delays where necessary. The goal is to save individuals valuable time and keep them updated throughout.