About Us

The Swiss Group, (Swiss Cottage Cars, Skyline Express Cars, Skyline Express Cars Camden & Chalk Farm Cars) family continues to grow year on year as we build our client base, further emphasising the fact that people see our company as a credible supplier for private hire services, airport transfers and courier services.

swiss group family

Since 1982, we have proved time and time again that quality cannot be compromised where customer service is concerned. Over the years we have specialised in local mini cab and airport transfers in Central and Greater London. With a growing fleet of over 450 cars, we aim to provide the finest quality and reliable service that is naturally expected from our customers. Swiss Group recognises the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, locally and globally.
As such, we endeavor to make our actions and practices as sustainable as possible. As part of this commitment, we believe in minimising our energy usage, waste production and the impact of transport on our environment. We also encourage employees to improve their understanding and awareness of sustainability and its relevance and to share our commitment and support which contributes to our positive organisational culture. We are aware of the need to manage our Carbon Footprint and to reduce Co2 emissions.
We are always keen to look into different aspects to keep our environment safe and healthy. We ensure that our Fleet keeps to speed limits through GPS tracking which in turn reduces the risk of accidents and keeps fuel consumption to a minimum. All our vehicles are fitted with state of the art GPS systems to ensure that our drivers are taking the shortest possible route, reducing mileage and emissions per journey.
We continue to increase the number of hybrid/electric vehicles as our ongoing process in reducing carbon emissions. Recently we took part in the Camden Council’s electric vehicle trial, possibly being one of the first Private Hire Organisation to use electric vehicles to carry passengers. The trial dramatically improved and changed views about electric cars, and how organisations are prepared to invest to save our planet. It was important for us to break the stigma of how smooth, efficient and comfortable environmentally friendly vehicles really are. As an established organisation, we do know our Corporate Social Responsibilities and we perform activities such as operations, products and services which have a wider impact on the environment and therefore contribute to the society in which we operate in.
We aim to build on this by taking appropriate actions, as outlined in our policies. Swiss Group is committed to protecting the environment and the society. This commitment is the core to all that we do and is reflected in the services we provide to our customers, volunteers and stakeholders. Our standard operating procedures, our facilities, the conditions under which employees work in and our interactions with the communities where we live and do business is the result of our commitment. We believe in taking responsibility of improving our environment and protecting the health and well being of our society through sustainability, compliance, conservation and communication.